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Typography has always been one of my favorites elements of design. Its fascinating how just a simple style applied to text can make such an impact. Those of you who aren’t designers may not have put much thought into words you see everyday and the manner they’re presented.

For example, you come across a posted sign on a telephone pole. It reads something along these lines, “Lost Dog! I’ve lost my adorable chihuahua! Please help me find her, she’s white with black spots!!! If found please call 234-2422.”

Now take a look at the two flyers below….. which gets your attention the fastest?



                                   Flyer 1                 or                  Flyer 2

How many of you said Flyer 2? If you did there are certain factors that probably led to your decision. When trying to make a statement its always good to use contrasting colors (white/black) and bold fonts (big & easy to read). Although color choices and font styles are important, size and legibility play a major role!

In comparison, Flyer 1 has a muted pink background with a white, handwritten font – that’s too thin and hard to read. Flyer 2 utilizes a contrasting background and a bold, white typeface that’s large enough to read and captures your attention quickly.

Next time you need a sign for your next party, garage sale or God forbid lose a pet, do keep this information in mind. You never know when you may need to create something that gets the viewers attention FAST!

Lastly, another thing that makes typography so brilliant is the context and style of it. For example take a look at the four pictures below:

Which word “Bloody” makes most sense?


                                                                                             ^  This one right?

Which word “Army” makes most sense?


                                  ^ This one right?


Clearly, the word “Bloody” in yellow, written in script, does nothing – opposed to the red, dripping letters beside it. Same goes for the word “Army” – the green stenciled letters makes more sense than the neighboring yellow, girly ones. Certain typefaces can even induce emotions. Take the word “Bloody” – does it bring up feelings of fear or disgust? Type is viewed everyday, on the road while we’re driving to navigate us, as advertisements on TV or even in text messages or emails on your phone! It’s how we communicate and without it where would we be?

Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter. It uses typefaces as a means of communication. As a designer, I love typography and how its used! I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at type and some of its applications! Maybe next time you see an ad while browsing your favorite magazine, you’ll look at it a bit differently!

Since we’re on the subject I can’t help but share this awesome necklace for all those ampersand lovers out there! I have already ordered mine – & can’t wait to wear it!

Brandiann Gaston | Freelance Designer in Myrtle Beach

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