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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has most certainly sprung here in gorgeous Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with highs reaching in the upwards of 78 degrees! It is a time when many do “Spring Cleaning”; sorting through the clutter and tiding up around the house! With cold weather but a distant memory, we use this break in the weather to take care of everything we’ve been putting off all winter long.

As a Myrtle Beach freelancer/creative designer I make it a point to de-clutter my computer this time of the year, as well! Staying organized is key, but as a creative you’re bound to end up with endless software, folders and files, files, files!


Here are 15 tips to help your “Computer Spring Cleaning”


1. Update Data

Be sure to update all of your contact information in your graphic design portfolio, email signatures and make sure that your contacts are up-to-date on both your phone and computer.


2. Uninstall Software

Free up some hard drive space on your computer by uninstalling any software you are no longer using. Your computer will thank you!


3. Organize Files and Folders

Make sure folders contain the correct files and are named. Going through and removing pending or cancelled projects can help free up some space.


4. Archive Files

Organize the files you aren’t using into folders so they’re easily accessible. I use a system of three main folders: Current, Pending and Completed Projects.


5. Check for Updates

This should be done on a regular basis to ensure your computer is up to par, but if you’ve neglected it for a while nows a good time to check for the most current updates.


6. Answer emails

There is nothing more refreshing than an empty inbox when you’re used to mailbox overload. Gmail has a nice way of organizing your mail in a similar way on your computer by creating folders that run on the left side of your mailbox and allow you to sort through your mail and organize it!


7. Clean Your Space

Dust your shelves, empty the trash and wipe down your desk. Take a gas duster to your keyboard and clear out the debris that may have collected in there over the winter.


8. Update Your Portfolio

Making your graphic design portfolio as professional and attractive as possible will help set you above your competition. Take all of your completed projects and update your portfolio to show the versatility of your work. Make sure to update your contact information as well!


9. Unsubscribe to Emails

Those email subscriptions clogging up your inbox? Now is the perfect time to unsubscribe to those pesky critters!



Bookmarks can be a life saver, making it easier to find things online! It’s always a good habit to remove any you’re no longer using – so get to it.


11. Change Passwords

For obvious reasons it’s always a good idea to frequently change your passwords. Be sure you store them safely so you can retrieve them if you can’t remember them.


12. Restock

Now is a good time to order any supplies that may be dwindling.


13. Finish Things

Some of us graphic artists can be quite the procrastinators, so be sure you finish those projects you have been putting off.


14. Finances

Mail out any unsent invoices. I use a program called Billings and it sure is a time saver (literally)! It allows me to track my time with projects and creates invoices for me. The best feature of the program is it keeps a record of any outstanding invoices.


15. Evaluate Yourself

Take time to reflect on your work from the past year. Consider things that have been successful (pat yourself on the back) and consider areas you can improve on. Always be honest with yourself!

Brandiann Gaston | Freelance Designer in Myrtle Beach

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